IT solutions consultancy in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
I worked with Chris on a (technically and politically) very complex project for more than a year. He never failed to amaze me with his broad technical knowledge as well as the detailed knowledge within the remit of the project. He is also very adept in thinking in alternatives rather than being held up by something that for many others might be a showstopper. I would be happy to see him again as my designer on another project.
— Werner Gerstacker, Owner at TPIMC, LLC

Expert IT solutions through network infrastructure and architectural design

For local, regional and national companies that demand complex and bespoke IT systems and independent IT consultancy.

Your business can achieve effective IT solutions through IT consultancy, design, configuration and integration services that ensure a firm foundation in IT systems. IT solutions through CGS Solutions is supported by valuable product and vendor recommendations, and project management. CGS Solutions was established by Chris Smith who is based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

CGS Solutions also works with regional and national companies.

For businesses looking for a new way to connect


For many retail and hospitality businesses Free Guest WiFi can be an expense that is difficult to justify. This need not be the case.

With a little imagination, and the help of a trusted partner, such as CGS Solutions, a WiFi offering can be used to improve Brand Awareness, Customer Engagement and Loyalty, generate new revenue streams and feed an ongoing Marketing and Social Media Strategy. 

Managed internet provision and business hub services

For businesses that depend on internet provision and suit outsourced bespoke hosting services


Through IT consultancy and the detailed assessment of your IT and bandwidth requirements, you can have internet provision and hosting services that suit your particular business. CGS Solutions will advise you on the following options:

  • Lease lines
  • Private wifi
  • Cloud based services
  • Private lease wire, business hub services
  • Telecoms
  • Voice and data systems

Whilst Phase 3 of the Government 'Connection Voucher' scheme is now closed to new applications you'll find that upgrading your internet connectivity can greatly improve the efficiency of your business.

IT and security consultancy

For business that have to keep personal data safe and secure


Understanding the requirements for data usage in your business right through to the architectural design and delivery of IT systems that will cater for your businesses data and security needs. When designing or enhancing IT systems related to data and security CGS Solutions helps you consider:

  • How your business uses data
  • Who you allow access to data
  • How you store data
  • How your data is secured
  • How your network is designed to minimise internal or external risk

Integration of IT solutions

For businesses with complex IT problems that need solving for the medium to long term


Through IT consultancy services we support you to clearly define your businesses IT problem. This ensures a strong understanding of the key elements of the applications needed to solve the IT problem. CGS Solutions will then deliver the required applications, software hardware and training. Primarily training is delivered in conjunction with associated vendors, but Chris can deliver bespoke Network and Security Design training.

When solving your IT problem CGS Solutions helps you make sure the recommended IT solution:

  • Achieves the brief
  • Fits your businesses culture, working style and planned application life cycle
  • Works efficiently and cost effectively
  • Does not negatively affect user experience