CGS Solutions is proud to be partnering with the following organisations and to have delivered key network infrastructure that has underpinned their technology requirements ...

Pinnies is a Cafe in Godmanchester, a village just to the south of Huntingdon, in Cambridgeshire; they carry out some wonderful work for the local community in their support of Mencap.

To help with the marketing of the Cafe, to generate more support and custom for them, and the Mencap charity, CGS Solutions has just installed a new Guest WiFi solution. This will help them to better market themselves, keep in touch with customers via Social Media and Email channels, and ensure that, through increased revenues, they are able to continue helping mentally handicapped people for years to come. Do pop in to the Cafe .... and find out about their story.

CITYLAN is a new business initiative that is putting eSports on the map in Peterborough. Their first expo is gaining momentum and will run between the 20th and 22nd August 2015. Backing has been given by Peterborough City Council for the initiative, with it fulfilling the council's "Gigabit City" development plans.

CGS Solutions has designed and constructed a portable network infrastructure for CITYLAN that can be used for the August 2015 event and future expos. There have been a number of key requirements that needed to be worked in to the design including:

  • Fast Ethernet access network for all gamers
  • Gigabit core network
    • Dynamic Host addressing for all gaming devices
    • Secure, modular design, allowing CITYLAN to invite in guest organisations for Xbox, Minecraft and other gaming brands
    • Multi-gigabit Internet connectivity, allowing competitions to be broadcast
    • Quality of Service (QoS) supporting traffic differentiation